The death of Ian Tomlinson

On the issue of Ian Tomlinson’s death following the violence of a policeman at the G20 demonstration – I watched the video and I thought – there is nothing the police can say to justify knocking someone down from behind who is doing nothing wrong. And it pains me to say it – as I was on the MPA for 5 years and grew fond of the Met and believed there was progress – but my eyes don’t decieve me. What I see on that video, outside of the outrageous felling of Mr Tomlinson, is that there still appears to be that underlying, bullyboy stuff that we are meant to have cast into the dustbin of police history.

But it’s clearly alive and well and still part of culture – and that is monumentally depressing. Particularly as this was not one policeman on his own up a dark alley giving vent to whatever – this was done in full view of colleagues so one has to suppose there was no shame – therefore this is considered acceptable behaviour! Thank heavens for mobile cameras! We can see the truth with our own eyes.

0 thoughts on “The death of Ian Tomlinson

  1. ‘Policemen so cherish their status as keepers of the peace and protectors of the public that they have occasionally been known to beat to death those citizens or groups who question that status.’ – David Mamet

  2. It is clear that Britian is sliding into a Police state, this has been said by establishment figures such as the former head of MI5 and a former Chief Constable (not left wingers) – and the Ian Tomlinson case has highlighted the power of the this Police/CPS/justice system and its runaway powers. The Tomlinson case shows the total lack of rights and protection left for the common man. Like the M.P.s expenses scandals it took people being arrested and the disgust af a nation before those in power did anything about it. The Met likewise and toady Starmer have now begun to stir up a hornets nest.
    We need to dismantle the Police State starting with the resignation or sacking of this corrupt official Starmer and it MUST become law that a magistrate or a judge jury decide who is guilty or inncoent – not some Coroner/ City of London Policeman or God Forbid a Middle Class lawyer with his eye on a peerage -that is CORRUPTION in the truest sense.
    As for cowardly thugs like Harwood they need to be named and shamed and drummed out of the Police treated just the same as racists/paeodos and those on the take.