Comment on independent review of Alexandra Palace deal

Commenting on the independent review into the failed Firoka takeover of Alexandra Palace, Councillor Robert Gorrie, Leader of Haringey Liberal Democrats, says:

“This report, commissioned by Haringey Council, admits a direct loss to the taxpayer of £1.5m from its own political meddling and basic management incompetence at Alexandra Palace. Yet no-one has resigned and the political leadership continue to try and pin the blame on a manager in much the same way as losing £37m in Icelandic Banks is blamed on external advisors.

“The individual responsible for both the loss in Alexandra Palace and the Icelandic Bank investments is Councillor Adje. He is still in charge of the Borough’s finances. That is simply not acceptable and in the face of this latest damning report he needs to resign. If he does not, I will be asking the Leader of the Council asking to remove him from his post.”