Doubts over Haringey Council's greenest borough aim

Haringey Council’s aspiration to become the greenest borough in London has been cast into further doubt this week after it emerged that it has paved over a front garden in Crouch End. Local Liberal Democrats have criticised Haringey Council for concreting over the crucial green space at a Homes for Haringey (HfH) property and have demanded answers from the Chief Executive of HfH and council officials.

Cllr Weber was contacted by local residents shocked at Haringey Council’s actions.

Cllr Lyn Weber, Crouch End, comments:

“I am flabbergasted that this garden, which is in a conservation area, has been paved over by Haringey Council. Labour environment bosses talk about their aspiration to become the greenest borough in London – where does concreting over gardens fit into this plan?

“Haringey Council and Homes for Haringey should lead the community to promote green spaces and protect gardens from development. Yet, once again, Haringey Council doesn’t seem to follow its own rules.”

Lynne Featherstone MP, adds:

“Our local green spaces and even our own gardens are crucial to the environment and must be protected. Haringey Council have once again shown that they have no true green credentials.”

Virginia Jackson, local Crouch End resident, adds:

“I was sorry that the builders removed all the shrubs from the front garden but I was even sorrier when they covered the entire area with concrete before departing. The concrete looks so rough I imagined it was going to be tiled but this hasn’t happened and the new occupants have nowhere to plant even just a few shrubs so sadly all they have to admire in their so-called front garden is a wheelie bin.”