UK Youth launch a blog

Typing is still slow – so will reproduce extract from press release from someone else:

UK Youth, the leading national youth charity supporting 750,000 young people, is today launching a blog which introduces an open forum to discuss youth issues in education and learning by non-formal methods. We want to hear your ideas on non-formal learning and other concerns regarding young people. We hope this blog will create an opportunity to unite our work with those who care about the future of young people and want a say in the direction of youth policy.

We are always looking for new voices, fresh arguments, and innovative ideas. Please feel free to comment on upcoming discussions on this blog and if you would like to contribute please don’t hesitate to contact our blog team.

The site is

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  1. Jonathan Calder at Liberal England posted yesterday (20th March) a copy of his House Points column from Liberal Democrat News: “Ricky Tomlinson and the Youth Parliament”. 2nd topic in the article is the vote on admitting the UKYP to the House Chamber for their debate, and in the comments is a link to Jeremy Browne (LD) explaining why he voted against.(Not that your photo indicates it, but do you wear bifocal specs? Been there, done that, including colliding with terra firma, and now have the latest varifocals.)