Rokesly School and traffic safety

Don’t understand why Haringey Council is not taking urgent action to improve safety around Rokesley School. The history of incidents, accidents and near misses etc is pretty poor.

There is no zebra crossing for children – only a brave lollypop lady; poor or no signing in most directions; no traffic calming or flashing slow down signs; and poor road markings.

Rokesley – for those who don’t know it – is the widest of three roads that come off Middle Lane. Traffic therefore uses it as a rat run – as you get stuck quite badly in the other two. Buses also zoom down Rokesely. On Saturday – when I met lots of the parents outside the school – one careered past at what must have been about 40mph. We all saw it!

There is a dreadful bend in the Rokesley Avenue and it is dangerous to cross – particularly for children.

Over the years several cars have been hit by other cars, buses and fire engines. One resident’s car was written off and destroyed a resident’s wall – only moments after children went inside the house.

There have been several accidents with children knocked down – one only last year where a young Rokesley schoolboy had to be taken to hospital. And many, many near misses – which of course – Haringey don’t count! Only two weeks ago there was a serious accidents and a woman driver had to be cut from her car.

So – I am asking for a meeting with senior officers about the situation – as Haringey Council has said it will do nothing other than yellow lines on corners and replaced paving. Not adequate.

I began by saying I am surprised as safety round schools is a stated priority nationally, regionally and locally! So – why won’t Haringey Council take action?

0 thoughts on “Rokesly School and traffic safety

  1. I completely agree, the traffic situation around Rokesly Schools is absolutely awful. As a parent of two Rokesly pupils, I am faced with cars parked on the humped crossing almost every morning which makes crossing Elmfield Avenue very dangerous!
    We need more zebra crossings and more lollipop ladies urgently!!!

  2. There is now a new crossing being built on Tottenham Lane but apparently it won’t be a zebra but just an island in the middle of the road and a ramp to slow down traffic. I think we need a lollipop person to help children across here. When I was a child at a primary school on a very busy main road in Highgate, a policeman arrived every morning and evening to help children across.