Action urged to tackle fly-posting

Local shops forced to close in Haringey due to the recession are being plagued by a rash of fly-posting. Local Liberal Democrats are urging action by Haringey Council to tackle the problem, which has become more widespread as more shops close, adding to the blight of the economic downturn in local shopping areas.

Last week Liberal Democrat councillors in Crouch End met with officers from the local Safer Neighbourhood Team and Haringey Council enforcement officials to launch an initiative to help co-ordinate efforts to eradicate new graffiti.

Residents can report new fly-posting to 020 8489 1000 with details of what has been seen, where, when and with details of the poster.

Cllr David Winskill, Crouch End, comments:

“Crouch End traders and residents are really feeling the pinch from the economic downturn. We want to avoid the situation that, when shops do close, fly-posters immediately start to graffiti local shops – this only adds to the effect of the recession.

“If we let fly-posters continue then this could lead to a rise in fly-tipping and general graffiti. Crouch End can weather this financial storm if we all work together.”

Lynne Featherstone MP added:

“As the recession bites more shops may be forced to close. The least Haringey Council can do is to ensure that our local shopping centres do not degrade further by clearing graffiti promptly.”

The initiative was welcomed by Graham Powell owner of Graham Fine Art, Crouch End, who added:

“I worked very hard with Enforcement to get fly-posting removed from the old Hogshead opposite my gallery. Persistence paid off and the building has been poster free for months. If all residents and shopkeepers pull together to report what they see, we can get on top of this problem.”