Technology Advisory Board news: Howard Dean done, meetup to come

It was really good to see lots of people come to hear Howard Dean on Saturday at the special event for coding volunteers at our Harrogate conference this weekend. Lots of words of wisdom from him – and lots of enthusiasm to do even more and better things from everyone!

For those who volunteered to help fill the gap in some of our coding and technical resources by filling in my survey a few weeks ago – the next event is a meetup in London later this month. If you filled in the survey, you (should!) have got an invite by email last week to this.

Although we’re having this first meeting to kick things off in London, I’m keen that we involve people right across the country – whether that’s with regional groupings, meetings round the country, online discussions or whatever. As we’re a grassroots party – in part that’s up to you to decide!

As for the rest of the board’s work – keep your eyes peeled for more news!

0 thoughts on “Technology Advisory Board news: Howard Dean done, meetup to come

  1. Some kind of online meeting would probably make more sense because 1, then the london folks can come too and 2, we ARE a technology board…