Safer crossings for schoolchildren after successful campaign

Children will now have a safer walk to school after a successful campaign by the Liberal Democrats. Zebra crossings around schools will now be proactively monitored and maintained by Haringey Council after agreement at a Cabinet meeting.

Liberal Democrat pressure has now ensured that pedestrian crossings used by schoolchildren will be re-painted when they are worn out and will be included in the council’s ‘Sustainable modes of travel to school strategy’. Previously residents had to alert the Haringey Council that crossings were worn out.

However, Liberal Democrats have said that this scheme does not go far enough and have called for all crossings to be monitored to ensure the safety of all residents.

Liberal Democrats have campaigned since last November for a proactive re-painting scheme when it emerged that several zebra crossings in the borough were dangerously worn out and not visible to motorists.

Cllr Martin Newton, who spearheaded the campaign, comments:

“Finally getting a commitment from Haringey Council to include monitoring and re-painting of worn out crossings and road markings around schools is a start. However, pedestrians rely on zebra crossings to cross our busy roads safely throughout the borough and the Council should be monitoring and proactively re-painting all zebra crossings and other road safety markings on a regular basis.”

Lynne Featherstone MP, adds:

“It was a ridiculous situation when it was up to residents to report that zebra crossings were not visible. At least now we have a first step by Haringey Council to show that they should be responsible for proactively repainting zebra crossings and not wait.”