National Nest Box Week

Lynne Featherstone putting up a nest boxThis week has been National Nest Box Week – so up when a nest box in my garden!

Haringey’s birdlife has drastically declined in diversity and numbers over the past thirty years, so I was doing my little bit to help – and to encourage others to do so too.

Diminishing biodiversity isn’t something that is only happening on the banks of the Amazon, but here in Haringey too! It saddens me that we see fewer and fewer birds in our gardens. Sightings of the house sparrow, for example, have fallen in Haringey by 80% in 30 years.

Loss of habitat and lack of food is really the reason why we see fewer birds in our gardens. So putting up a nest box in your garden is really the best and easiest way to help Haringey’s feathered friends.

Anyone wanting to find out more about how to fit a bird box should visit the National Nest Box website.

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  1. Don’t forget they need safe access to water too for drinking and bathing. I gave my sister theatre vouchers for Xmas and I got another green present in return – 50 fat balls and some meal worms!