Travel watchdog backs campaign against station cuts

Update on the dreadful threat from First Capital Connect to cut the hours that ticket offices are open at Hornsey, Alexandra, Bowes Park and Harringay stations (amongst others). Haringey’s stations in total, if First Capital’s plans were to go forward, would see a reduction of 112 hours.

So many of you (and thank you) made representations to TravelWatch and Passenger Focus that Travelwatch (representing both these travel watchdogs) has now sent formal objections to First Capital Connect. Hornsey station was one of the ones that received the largest amount of objections out of the 49 stations that First Capital Connect are targeting.

First Capital Connect, who runs the line north of Finsbury Park, will now consider the objections and respond to the watchdog with an amended proposal.

We need more staff and more hours – not less. Our local stations were designed in a different era. They have long platforms that curve and make sight lines very difficult. And whilst there are CCTV cameras – they don’t really deter and they certainly don’t come to your aid if you are in trouble. It is human beings that can do that!

I just hope that First Capital Connect will now take the strong local objections on board, and drop the proposal:

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  1. FCC are only doing what govt wants: cutting the cost of selling tickets. In the 2007 Rail White Paper:”10.39 The rail industry needs to facilitate both smartcard and mobile phone technologies progressively across the network. It also needs to prepare for the possibility that they merge, with smartcards becoming embedded in mobile phones to allow their contents to be viewed.10.40 Embracing both technologies on a consistent network basis will cut queues and speed up passengers’ journey through the station. It will cut the currently excessive £½ billion transaction cost of selling £5 billion worth of tickets. It will also free-up staff to be out on the concourse or the platform, helping passengers and improving their sense of personal security.”The consequence of that is that station staff need to be re-designated as responsible for the convenience and security of passengers, and thus funded from a separate budget (of course FCC will ask for public money).TW I don’t know, but have had encounters with PF – a rather ineffective organisation. These watchdogs are supposed to represent passengers, but are presumably funded by govt money, and so unwilling to bite the hand that feeds them, and thus are not representing us. Their funding should be ring-fenced by giving parliamentarians (such as yourself), who are our supreme representatives at govt’s knee, the authority to allocate it. Have you given Norman Baker a kick?