The new broom in Haringey Children's Services

This afternoon I had my first meeting with Peter Lewis – the new broom for Children’s Services brought in directly by the Secretary of State, Ed Balls, following the sacking of Sharon Shoesmith.

I am hopeful that someone with Peter’s extensive experience will make the changes necessary to give our children’s services the guidance, enthusiasm and improvements to make it within three years an examplar department. He certainly seemed completely committed to that aim .

Haringey has published its response to the urgent investigation by Ofsted commissioned by Ed Balls in the wake of the Baby P tragedy. It goes to Scrutiny Committee at Haringey shortly – and I will try and read it over the weekend.

0 thoughts on “The new broom in Haringey Children's Services

  1. I’m sure this professional is thrilled at being referred to as a broom in a cupboard.

  2. Who knows, perhaps he’ll react with a sense of humour you seem to be lacking :-))

  3. broom or not, if he sweeps out incompetence and protects children it will be a most welcome and long overdue development