Jacksons Lane – Labour relents to pressure

A two-year campaign by local Liberal Democrats and residents has resulted in Haringey Council finally giving in to demands for an additional £50,000 of funding for Jacksons Lane.

The future of the popular arts centre is in danger, after the Arts Council has threatened to withdraw funding, often citing the Labour-run Haringey Council’s lack of financial commitment.

In their own report to their decision-making body due next week, the Arts Council states:

“Haringey has consistently stated that it is not in a position to offer additional capital and revenue funding to Jackson’s Lane.”

In January 2008 Lynne Featherstone MP and local councillors took a petition to the Arts Council which helped to win a year long funding extension until March this year.

Last week, local Liberal Democrats re-launched their campaign to save Jacksons Lane, saying that only 20p per resident in Highgate was needed from Haringey Council to save the centre from closure.

Cllr Neil Williams, Highgate, comments:

“Finally Haringey Council has put its money where its mouth is over the future of Jackson’s Lane. However, claims that Haringey Council was always prepared to meet the Arts Council’s demands are totally untrue.

“The Arts Council have long since insisted that Haringey take more responsibility for the funding of the centre – something that Haringey Council has persistently refused to do.”

Lynne Featherstone MP adds:

“The future of this fantastic arts centre has been left in the balance for too long. I am glad that Haringey Council has finally seen sense to help out further. Now the ball his in the Arts Council’s court – they now need to stump up the funding so Jacksons Lane does not close.”