A story with a happy ending

Advice surgery this morning was as ever grueling as ever with tragedies too personal to relate here. Happily my first afternoon visit was a success story and just the best happy ending.

Back a while I went in to do battle for a woman (Bonnie) living in a tiny, dilapidated flat, with infestations and damp and mold and general horribleness that most would not put up with. Perhaps even worse there was no room to move at all – desperately bad situation.

With two children, husband and sister (who she looks after) Bonnie is one of those who fights and works and wants to make a good life for her family. But no accommodation was forthcoming for years.

Anyway to cut long story short Bonnie finally moved into a new (literally new) house in Muswell Hill a couple of months ago and I went to see it today. It is gorgeous – and I have no doubt that Bonnie and her family will prosper and bloom. Full marks to Metropolitan Housing Association as the quality of this new development seemed very high spec to me and the sort of accommodation that will enhance the lives of those lucky enough to live here. And finally – thanks to the officers at Haringey who latterly responded over the last months with real efforts to find suitable accommodation – and did. Dontcha just love happy endings.