What should you do with your emails?

Not new – but still worthwhile – the campaign idea to show our Home Secretary how bonkers her plan to keep all our emails, phone calls, texts etc is. It’s a ‘cc all your emails to Jacqui Smith day’, to raise awareness of the pointless offensiveness of the Government’s database state. It’s a Facebook group campaign – and given that civil liberties is the Lib Dem middle name – want to keep plugging it: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=43256614646

As a lot of my emails are to constituents about personal issues, I won’t be joining in I admit – but hope others will make a success of it!

0 thoughts on “What should you do with your emails?

  1. The Facebook page that you point to fails to point out that it is only communications data (apparent author, recipient, date, time, IP address…) that it is proposed to keep, and NOT the content of emails, texts, etc. Still wrong to do it, though. Lesson 1: fight with the truth, not with ambiguity or even exaggeration.

  2. I found the fact it’s only keeping records of sender, recipient etc a bit weird – that’s going to send a ton of terrorists to jail, isn’t it? You don’t get any evidence from that, you’ve even still got to send someone round to ask, in person, about the email and what happened to be in it and I’m not enough of a Hercule Poirot to see how you could prevent anything much with it.

  3. If you were Home Secretary, would you claim expenses for your husband's porn or would you expect him to pay for it himself?

  4. But new you are propping up an inept Tory administration you seem to be supporting such illiberal nonsense.