One new President, one expenses u-turn

Now you see it – now you don’t. Clearly Gordon Brown saw the writing on the wall in regard of the Freedom of Information vote on MP’s expenses. At PMQs he refused to back down – then after PMQs he backed down.

It’s bad enough that the economy is in meltdown – but at such times we are disappointed to find that we have not got a serious man for serious times – we have a rudderless boat!

Still – Labour would have lost the vote. I wish the vote had gone ahead and they had lost – ‘cos would have taught them a lesson. However – given the outcome is the right one – I forgive.

But I really wanted to write something about Obama. I know – everyone has. Every column inch by every writer / journalist etc in the country has more than said it – but the spirit moves me. I thought the fluffing of the lines was just fine. If Obama had clutched his head and said ‘oh my god – what a terrible thing to happen’ it would have been a bit of a gaff but Barack’s talent is knowing just what to do and being unfazed – he grinned. Grinning was the absolute right thing to do!

And it’s his temperament that I admire so much together with his intellect, timbre of voice and use of vocabulary. When I watched the whole speech live I didn’t pick up all the rich phrases at the time – in fact if I had a criticism it would be that there was nothing but rich phrases and well-crafted sentiments. But when I heard parts later on radio and broadcast news – they were all brilliant. How clever is that? ‘Cos effectively that meant whatever part was used by the media – it would make complete sense and convey his message – hope and change etc.

Charisma oozing and charm and talent personified – off he goes to ‘remake America’ and we all wish him well with what lies ahead. Seems to me that what has been revealed about all of us watching is our needy desire to believe and hope for a better future. I’m just glad that we still can believe in change and the better nature and aspiration of man to overcome adversity and triumph! We’ll see. I cry in happy movies too…