How to keep up the pressure on MPs over Baby P

Whilst the media attention has momentarily diminished following the sackings and resignations at Haringey Council – no doubt they will spring into life each time a new Baby P issue is back on the agenda.

They will be things like: the new Serious Case Review and the publication of its executive summary; the new Health Commission investigation; the report from Ed Ball’s Task Force; Lord Laming’s report across the country and no doubt an explosion of coverage on the sentencing of those found guilty of ‘letting Baby P die’.

But there is a huge movement out in the country and beyond campaigning for justice for Baby P – witness the dozens of Facebook groups, some with six figure number of members.

Many of these campaigners are very surprised when I talk to them to find out that (at latest count) only 13 percent of MPs have signed the EDM I tabled calling for a public inquiry. They are worried that learning from Baby P’s ordeal will not happen if we do not have a public inquiry – and I agree.

To that end we should get more MPs signing the EDM. So if you have not yet lobbied your MP, and they aren’t one of those listed here as having already signed, please do so.

Here’s the text of the EDM, which is no.53:


Featherstone, Lynne
That this House deeply regrets the death of Baby P; welcomes the action of the Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families to date; believes that many questions remain unanswered; and demands a full independent public inquiry to restore confidence in child protection in Haringey.

You can easily lobby your MP via

0 thoughts on “How to keep up the pressure on MPs over Baby P

  1. I’d have thought that the Seven Sisters result would have shown you that the public do not appreciate your party playing politics with this issue.

  2. Labour certainly threw everything at the by-election in one of their safest seats in Tottenham. Their candidate said there had been hundreds of Labour helpers come in to work the ward. So I guess you are right – that Labour so feared that Baby P might become an election issue they put an effort like I have never seen in my thirteen years here.And they still got a swing against them of nearly 10%. But quite frankly – that isn’t the point of wanting a public inquiry. Haringey Labour’s refusal to listen to all the warnings about children at risk in Haringey is an arrogance that is unforgivable. And whilst many Labour hacks would like the issue to fade away because it probably does cause them, and rightly so, political embarrassment, the reason for wanting a public inquiry is to root out the rest of the rottenness and do everything possible to improve things.The resignations and sackings from Haringey Council are the tip of the iceberg and the measures that Ed Balls is taking, which are right in the first instance, don’t touch on any of the wider issues that need examination.

  3. Hmm, and of course the Lib Dems didn’t throw everything at this campaign… I think acres of rainforest must have been cut down to supply the paper for all the leaflets you put out…and every single one of them headlining on Baby P and in the end you finished third. Isn’t it time you stopped politicising this issue?

  4. Absolutely agree that you should stop using this tragedy as a one up on labour in your game of party politics. Your unrealistic, naive and seemingly ignorant understanding of the complexity of this issue and the fact that you seem to be egging on one of the most disgraceful tabloid campaigns I have ever seen continues to undermine your position as a credible MP and likewise any of your colleagues, from any of the political parties who have become involved (especially Ed Balls who frankly should have known better). If we actually let people who cared about getting to the facts and supporting the people involved in this case then we would be governed by people who were fit to serve. I have lost my faith in the entire political system – not social servies – they are the ones trying to face reality and make a difference, a thankless and almost impossible task.