Heading up the party's Technology Board

I am so excited about fronting the new Technology Board for the Party. Clever move by Nick Clegg I think as I think / hope this will be a good match between me and the need for a non-geek, non-nerdy human being to lead the way (vital and lovable though geeks and nerds are!).

I have always used the internet to campaign – and to communicate with all the different people that I have wanted to reach for different reasons, different issues and to achieve a variety of outcomes. And behind the scenes, I’ve always appreciated the importance of technology to make both campaigning and casework efficient and manageable.

Now Nick is unleashing me formally on the wider world. And I will have his backing to take the party where no party has gone before – not exactly his words – but my interpretation!

Seriously – this is the new frontier and is still in its infancy. The Lib Dems have already been ahead of the game vis a vis the internet with an army of bloggers and e-campaigning enthusiasts pushing the envelope already – now is the time to continue and expand our operations. So – priority obviously will be outward facing – but the internal e-campaigning at the grassroots will also be expanded.

Nick acknowledged that my ‘technical’ technology knowledge wasn’t the reason for wanting me to be the image of a modern, cutting edge Lib Dems (thank goodness) – but it is the way to bring it on!

So – Obama schmama – watch this space. Of course – the Board itself is not yet in existence – so much to do and so little time to do it!

Rest of mini ‘reshuffle’ is over on the party website.

0 thoughts on “Heading up the party's Technology Board

  1. Hi Lynne, thank you for the update on your new position in fronting the Lib Dem’s Technology Board. I am glad you feel that nerds and geeks can be lovable too. You mentioned that the new frontier is in it’s infancy, and I would add that now is a most exciting time to be alive in terms of new technologies that are NOT CAPTURING MEDIA ATTENTION. Thanks to the internet geek community sharing new technologies which I believe which could bring bigger better changes to our society than the industrial revolution. Ever heard of FREE ENERGY ? The experts would have us believe that this is a scientific impossibility, despite the fact that we are surrounded by free energy. The trick is to harness it, and the internet geek DIY community are doing just that. Combustion engines that run on water is now becoming common knowledge, also earth magnet repulsion engines, newer cheaper methods of harnessing solar energy, the list goes on and I am thrilled to be involved in it. This time next year I expect to be totally energy independent and I encourage individuals and communities to be the same. There is good reason to be optimistic for the future of our country. Let’s spread it around and may the Lib Dem’s be in the forefront of advocating these new technologies.All the best LynnePaul Bennett (Wolverhampton)

  2. “the importance of technology to make both campaigning and casework efficient and manageable” tells it like it is, but the title “Technology Board” doesn’t. So I could legitimately expect to sent to the Board my idea for saving the world, when it seems that the Board is about updating Party information systems.

  3. Disappointed it’s going to be called “Technology Board” when it seems to be all about IT. Technolgy is so much wider than that.In fact it’s use as a synonym for IT is rather old-fashioned and increasingly recognised as a misnomer. There is so much high technology being developed in this country in medical, green and aerospace fields for example, and narrowing “technology” to exclude these makes it sound as though the Party does not recognise their importance to the economy and society.So let your first move as head of the bord be to change it’s name to Information Technology Board. Or just IT as pretty much everyone knows what it means.

  4. Thanks for the comments.It’s rare for a short phrase or name to capture and exclude everything perfectly – but I think “IT” and “information systems” in turn also have their issues, such as “IT” not really reflecting wider social media opportunities that we’ll be looking at and wanting to tap.

  5. Its Information and Communications Systems for the technology these days, but, Lynne, I don’t think what you want. Does one have to be a Party Member to really join in the definition of the scope of this Board?

  6. Well – that will be on the agenda for discussion with the Board! Not making any firm and fast decisions as more important to me to get scope and direction of new brief right first. The who will be important and am going to be meeting a series of people in the next few weeks before then widening it out.