Sharon Shoesmith

A flurry of calls from the media following the not entirely unexpected news that Sharon Shoesmith is appealing against her dismissal and apparently seeking compensation – Evening Standard jounalist said up to £170,000.

I hope her appeal fails because she signally failed in her child protection responsibilities – that was the damning conclusion of the Ed Balls ordered investigation. This concurs with my own experiences of trying to get her to deal with cases where there was a complaint against something in her department. The answer I often got was ‘children’s services are working fine’. She seems to be more interested in defending her department than dealing with the issues I brought to her.

If she were now to get paid for failure it would send out a message to those in these incredible responsible and vital positions that they can fail with impunity – and get paid for their trouble.

UPDATE: Daily Express has more, including the reaction from my colleague Robert Gorrie:

Robert Gorrie, leader of Haringey’s Liberal Democrat opposition, said: “We have said from the outset that those responsible for this tragedy should be held to account and that there should be no rewards for failure.

“Sharon Shoesmith was responsible for the council service that failed Baby P. I hope the original council decision to terminate employment without payment of notice is upheld.”

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  1. What happen to the other staff under investigation? Were they never sacked? It sounds like a whitewash to me!

  2. If she didn’t commit gross misconduct then there would be a case for wrongful dismissal. Failing in the responsibilities of her job wouldn’t necessarily amount to that – though without knowing all the details it’s difficult to say.She wouldn’t be getting paid for failure. She would be being compensated for the breach of her employment rights.Had I been a Haringey councillor I would have been asking some strong questions to ensure the council didn’t incur more costs and legal expense by taking a knee jerk reaction because of adverse press publicity.

  3. She went out because of gross incompetence in the department she ran. She might hope to win on some technicality but on ethical grounds she has not a leg to stand on

  4. The blame culture is alive and well and living in the Houses of parliament.