0 thoughts on “2009 should be a year of hope and change

  1. How comes you are keeping so silent over the Gaza massacre of innocent Palestinians. You have dedicated not even a blog space to the issue, which is completely unacceptable. Please do so! What do you think of this violence? Do you think Palestinian rockets have the same impact as Israeli warplanes?

  2. Where is the outright condemnation of Israeli crimes against humanity from Ed Davey? Mr Davey seems to carefully word his statement, without any unequivocal condemnation. He is playing with words. He seems to only suggest Israel’s attacks are disproportionate, yet condemned Hamas for its rocket attacks.Do you condemn the attacks outright as the Member of Parliament for Wood Green and Hornsey?

  3. This guy thought the state pension was £30 a week. I wouldn’t trust him to run a community centre let alone a country. Still, he probably is the best you have having met a few other LibDim MP’s, one of whom was obsessed with taking Tony Blair to court last year (which never happened) and the other who is more worried about their mirror than their constituents.