Have you asked your MP to back calls for a public inquiry into the death of Baby P?

Early Day Motions (EDMs) are a form of Parliamentary petition which MPs can sign. They ‘lapse’ at the end of each Parliamentary session, so with the start of a new one I’ve tabled an EDM again calling for a public inquiry:

That this House deeply regrets the death of Baby P; welcomes the action of the Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families to date; believes that many questions remain unanswered; and demands a full independent public inquiry to restore confidence in child protection in Haringey.

You can check to see which MPs have signed it here – and if your MP isn’t one of them, you can quickly and easily lobby them by using WriteToThem.com

0 thoughts on “Have you asked your MP to back calls for a public inquiry into the death of Baby P?

  1. What about unborn Baby P’s? High Court Judge Linda Dobbs hit public interest groups, The Christian Legal Centre and CORE with a £20,000 cost today and refused them premission to get even get a review in court for the research licences which involve creating animal human hybrids. These licenses also involve paypackets for those pushing most of Britain’s ethical boundaries by spending their days doing these experiments. I think these people are just in it for the money with some curiosity mixed in. Recent progress in finding cures to serious illnesses is being made in adult stem cell research. Even Dame Linda Penelope Dobbs admitted she does what she does for the money. When she was appointed a High Court judge in September 2004 she said “I am simply… …following a career path”. Ethics obviously get pushed aside when they get in the way of these scientists’ work. And my own M.P. Lynne Featherstone has voted for mixing human gametes with animal gametes, bring about the creation of a human admixed embryo and keeping or using a human admixed embryo. The ‘old-fashioned’ word for ’embryo’ is ‘unborn child’.