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  1. Hope you enjoy Woking – I live here and will be travelling to London: wonder if we’ll pass in transit?Re: Vote for the Lordship Rec – isn’t it ironic that while your park is a potential receiver of money for improvements, Woking Council are currently trying to ruin Woking Park by relocating the College into the Park grounds. If you get the chance to ask a question perhaps you could ask them why? In the meantime, enjoy your park while you still can..

  2. Any Qs was very good on the Baby P topic. From that and one of your recent posts, I was reminded that service organisations in HE that I have worked for and observed in the past have often worked best when there was a double act at the top – two people who complement each other very well – but I cannot see how even a good double act in a LA could be sure to handle well both education and child protection. So the solution could well need two separate groups, each with a suitably competent and qualified Chief Officer at the head. By all accounts, Haringey may well have had a problem with the dual role.