The Queen's Speech

Bizarre in the House today. Having duly trekked from Commons to Lords when summoned by Black Rod for the Queen’s Speech – I managed to get a view of the Queen. And looking around at the tiaras, long evening dresses and the goldest of thrones – whilst I couldn’t see the relevance to anything in the real world – it aint half a sight to be seen.

Later when the House sat, the Speaker made a statement in relation to Damian Green’s arrest. Feelings are running high in Parliament at the fact that the police were allowed in without a warrant – extraordinary. Several members made the point that whilst MPs are not above the law – nor are the police.

It’s quite hard to tell which indignation is real and which manufactured. Was this really about a threat to national security? The leaked stuff we know about would suggest no, but Jacqui Smith seemed to say last Sunday on Marr that there was more – but we just weren’t in the know. Was this authored by senior civil servants? Was it because there was annoyance and embarrassment to the Government or was it a genuine case that the police had to investigate?

Either way – I cannot believe this was the right way to go about things. The public have a right to exepct that information they give to their MP to help with a case will be kept confidential and – just as with other professions – only released to someone else under very clear and strict rules.

As for the Queen’s Speech itself – pretty dull. There was predictably yet another Criminal Justice Bill and Home Affairs Bill. Strangely – there was nothing about housing in the speech at all.

But hey – rabbit out of hat – Brown suddenly announces apropos of nothing that there will be a two year break for people who come upon hard times! So – yes it grabbed the headlines – but no it wasn’t part of the Queen’s Speech – and no there was no information about who would pay!

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  1. yes the Queen’s speech was dull – well it was if you are not disabled and now face the prospect of being harrassed by private companies with a tick box agenda and no medical qualifications.

  2. Hi Lynne, Have been popping by to have a look at your views on the baby P case and have found them very much in line with the puplic,but on this occasion I must make a very strong comment about the goings on at this time, ref police arrest,I will never again write to my MP due to the fact I HAVE NO CONFIDENCE.