Local MP demands urgent action on cancer screening failures

Lynne Featherstone MP is asking the Department of Health and NHS London to intervene after it emerged that breast cancer screening services across North London will fail to meet national targets for years to come, due to capacity problems.

Lynne Featherstone is writing to ministers and officials following a meeting with Haringey Primary Care Trust, whose failings in the North London breast cancer screening service meant that they would be unable to meet current national targets, and would be unlikely to do so for a number of years.

The worrying news emerged after the Liberal Democrat MP and local health spokesperson Cllr Richard Wilson met with the health trust management on Thursday to discuss the Healthcare Commission’s recent assessment, which showed a general deterioration in quality of service.Breast cancer screening is one of the areas the trust is performing least well on, with not enough local women being seen by the screening service.

Lynne Featherstone comments:

“Breast cancer screening saves lives, and not having a service that’s up to scratch locally is really devastating.

“This is a problem across North London and it is clear that this problem cannot be resolved by local action alone. That is why I’m calling on Whitehall and NHS London to pull in all stocks to help Haringey women get the service they need and deserve.”