This week's Ham & High column

It’s now up on my website, and is about the issue of the moment – Baby P:

Our justice system has done its part with the prosecution of those responsible, but we also need to be sure that we learn what can be learnt. There is much we do not yet know – such as why there was a four month gap between the decision to have Baby P checked over by a paediatrician and the appointment actually taking place.

But we do know how Haringey Council has been responding to warnings about how it was looking after children. For all the good work done by many front line staff, at the most senior levels the reaction to concerns and warnings has been one of delays, hostility, failures to act and unwillingness to accept responsibility.

You can read the full article, which goes into detail about Haringey’s previous mistakes, over on my website.

0 thoughts on “This week's Ham & High column

  1. Lynnne, congratulations on being elevated to the Privy Council level of responsibility in reviewing the urgent report on this case. May you soon become a permanent member of that advisory group, while at the same time I’m sure that you will not be overawed by it or by the restrictions placed on your use of the material that you read.

  2. Polly Toynbee is a disgrace how can you defend the total incompidence of a Haringey Labour Group and Social Services senior officers.Maybe she is a Labour Party member like a large number of Haringey offuicers.No doubt if they have to go they will get large pay offs from their political associsates.They should all be ashamed of themselves.

  3. Labour have the brass neck to be canvessing in the Seven Sisters area before Cllr Knight is cold in his grave. The only thing they are interested in is power and their Councill Allowances.We will remember what Labour have done to Baby P and Victoria Climbie.So carry onb canvessing it will be in vane we will kick you out for the sake of these poor children.