Baby P inquiry – a good first step

Very briefly as rushing from interview to interview today – but wanted to blog that I welcome the announcement of an inquiry into Baby P’s death. I think it’s a good first move by the government – and a very swift response – though as I said in Parliament yesterday, I suspect it won’t be enough to tell us all that we need to know about what went wrong.

When this investigation reports, Ed Balls (the relevant Cabinet minister) has said if he is not satisfied he will put Haringey Council into what is essentially special measures. I think that is appropriate.

The reluctance to apologise goes to the core of it. There has been tremendous defensiveness from Haringey Council – thinking more about the council than the child.

There is much more we also need to address – such as why Lord Laming’s inquiry into Climbie didn’t prevent this happening. Were the recommendations not followed? Were they inadequate? Are there other lessons to learn and actions to take? More when I can get to a keyboard again.

0 thoughts on “Baby P inquiry – a good first step

  1. Fully support an independent public inquiry. The lack of political accountability is stunning.

  2. Change the name from Child Protection to Job Protection unit and leave them to it; they obviously think they are doing a sterling job. They are a disgrace. Shoesmith should be sacked; end of.

  3. I’m feeling ill thinking about Gordon Brown’s response to this. The man is a heartless monster.