Reaction to Baby P convictions

Commenting on the verdict in the baby P case, involving a 17 month-old child on Haringey Council’s ‘at risk’ register who died on 3rd August 2007, Lynne Featherstone comments:

“This is a shocking tragedy where a small child suffered terrible abuse after falling through safety net after safety net.

“The Children’s Act was borne out of tragedy in Haringey after the death of Victoria Climbié. Yet eight years after her death the law created to stop this happening again has failed to prevent a similar tragedy in the same borough.

“Baby P should have been at the centre of all decision-making.

“We must therefore have a fully independent investigation by the Children’s Commissioner into what went so terribly wrong.”

Councillor Robert Gorrie, Liberal Democrat Leader of the Opposition on Haringey Council, adds:

“The tragic death of Victoria Climbié, and the national reforms that resulted, should have stopped this happening again. Yet the facts revealed during the trial point to similar failings with the same tragic consequences.

“With so many public organisations involved why did one of them not act decisively to save this child? Better communications between agencies and more importantly between people might have prevented Baby P’s death.

“Haringey Council’s role as the leading body responsible for the welfare of toddler was crucial yet under their leadership there seem from the information available to have been significant failings in sharing vital information.

“Closed door reviews by the Council are completely inadequate.The credibility of Haringey’s child protection system has been called into question again. The public need independent reassurance and it is for this reason we need the Children’s Commissioner to carry out a full and independent review of the case.”

Further comment on the Baby P case is on Lynne Featherstone’s blog.