Hornsey Hospital: turning over a new leaf?

Last event for me yesterday was the consultation on Hornsey Hospital where the Primary Care Trust (PCT) has levered in Elizabeth Manero to work with the community and the Trust to try and get us all contributing and working together – replacing the scaremongering (some valid, some not) with positive moves forward.

I first met Elizabeth when I was on the London Assembly and the Government were getting rid of Patient Link – which represented the people’s voice in the health service. She didn’t save it – but I have to say she was/is the most able and ferocious advocate of the peoples’ voice I have ever met – so was delighted when she turned up.

It was a pretty comprehensive consultation session – and all the factions were in the room. The important thing, I think, is to make sure we get all the new and best health facilities for the west of the borough and that those facilities are what local people want.

To make us happy we need to know exactly which GPs will move in and how the transport will work. Elizabeth has already worked the miracle of getting the PCT to agree that they will survey the patients of any GPs who declare an interest.

So – onward and upward!