Helping people back into work

Lynne Featherstone with Lynne Tricia Ward and Gillian Gurner at the Employment Resource CentreOn Friday went to the Employment Resource Centre – which is a small charitable group in East Finchley that helps unemployed Jewish people to get themselves together to find a job.

A wonderful, but small, band of dedicated and committed people use their professional skills voluntarily to do this work. They support and help those who find themselves for one reason or another out of the work – giving them training and mentoring.

Funnily enough, when I rang on the door and it opened, the woman who opened it said, ‘Don’t you remember me from school?’ – and turned out to be the then Caroline Gainsley who I hadn’t seen for several decades – and that was a really delightful surprise.

Anyway – it was a wonderful charity and doing incredibly good work. It is not an employment agency – but somewhere that Jewish people who for cultural or religious reasons feel more comfortable with a group that understands their needs and will support those particular requirements can go.

I am always moved really – by the dedication of those who give their time, skill energy and warmth to those who need help.