Will Harriet Harman or Peter Mandelson triumph?

Well – if Peter Mandelson says he wants a clampdown on any expansion of flexi-time or family friendly policies – then it makes the warning I gave on Thursday night very timely!

I warned that the recession would see business hawks targeting the very good laws that already exist and the few beneficial ones to come from the Single Equalities Bill (due in this Parliamentary session) in the name of helping the economy. But actually – giving your staff good conditions is what helps you get the very best staff – and in tough times that’s exactly what firms need! Not to mention families too needing flexible time most when times are tough and people are under pressure.

So it will be war in the cabinet as the business hawks try and strip away equality in the name of business. And in this melee – guess which side the Tories will be on.

Let’s see what Ms Harman is made of as she wades into battle with the business hawks. She clearly lost the battle to have mandatory pay audits – retreating to very weak voluntary audits. Let’s see what she manages this time…

0 thoughts on “Will Harriet Harman or Peter Mandelson triumph?

  1. “giving your staff good conditions is what helps you get the very best staff”If this is true, Lynne, then there is no need to enshrine it in legislation.Why not allow businesses to decide for themselves what package they offer workers. Those that make the right judgement will thrive and those that get it wrong will perish. The alternative is that legislators make a one-size-fits-all decision without any knowlege of the local business conditions. That is likely to be wrong for almost everybody.

  2. If a business gets a decision about how to look after the stock in its warehouse wrong, the business suffers.If a business gets a decision about how to treat its staff wrong, those human beings suffer.That’s why we shouldn’t just leave it to business. We should have a humane safety net for everyone as an insurance.

  3. Having been both employee and employer, I understand and support Steve’s sentiments but do not support the legislative route because growing statism grinds down and mires us in the mud of bureaucracy. We can see that in the target culture, when many managerial advisers (and my own experience) point out that targets are very useful as a short term shock, but you must also have a more positive plan for improvement. For this last 11 years there has been no such plan, with Brown and his cohort inexplicably not having one ready. Management in whom we have no confidence has a huge mountain to climb, perhaps without oxygen. So its up to the LDs to coherently tell us their third way, and, despite the shining lights such as Lynne, I’m currently overall not impressed. This is definitely a time when we need leaders of stature (Vince?).