Have your say on policing

The Metropolitan Police Authority (on which I served for five years) is having a ‘have your say’ on policing in London to hear what Londoners think should be policing priorities for 2010/11.

Whatever I think about the new management – for those who don’t get my nuance – I mean Boris Johnson, who has taken over the chair of the authority (which is why Ian Blair went bye-bye) – it is still an opportunity to say what you want the police to concentrate on in future.

The real question is whether contributions will see an affect on outcome as we are all very suspicious of consultation here Haringey. However, born an optimist, I hope people will contribute, and am then happy to do battle to get open and transparent analysis of the submissions and fight for them in the outcomes!

The questionnaire can be downloaded from www.mpa.gov.uk/yourviews/haveyoursay.htm