KFC adverts in Crouch End (UPDATED)

I’ve written to the Managing Director of KFC:

I am writing to ask for your personal intervention over a local dispute regarding lamppost banners advertising a KFC.

KFC Crouch End is situated in the heart of a Victorian parade and many residents feel strongly that the design and frequency of the KFC banners attached to streetlights are too obtrusive for the unique Victorian street scene.

Sadly, pleas to Haringey Council to remove the banners have fallen on deaf ears. Officials cite binding contract with yourselves as reason why these inappropriate ads cannot be withdrawn. I therefore am appealing to you directly to respond to the concerns of local residents and to withdraw the ads. Even if campaign has been initiated by a local franchise, as the brand owner I am sure you will be able to bring considerable influence to bear to resolve this matter.

I would be more than happy to make vigorous representations on your behalf to receive a full refund to recuperate the cost of the remaining term of the contract and ensure you do not suffer any penalties.

I would very much hope that KFC is committed to working with our community to preserve its special character. I have little doubt that such a magnanimous gesture will reap benefits in terms of positive publicity and goodwill with your customers.

Update: good news! The banners are to come down this week.

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