MP's plea to KFC to remove lamppost ads

In the face of Haringey Council intransigence over the removal for KFC banners from lampposts in Crouch End, local MP Lynne Featherstone has taken matters into her own hands and made a direct appeal to KFC headquarters.

In a letter to Martin Shuker, the managing director of KFC UK, Ms. Featherstone requests the company takes action to ensure the withdrawal of the ad campaign because of its obtrusiveness to the Crouch End conservation area and its Victorian street scene.

Efforts by local councillors to get Haringey Council to remove the offending banners have fallen on deaf ears.

Lynne Featherstone, Liberal Democrat MP for Hornsey & Wood Green, comments:

“Before Haringey Council even started flogging advertising on our lampposts, they should have thought about the potential consequences.

“These adverts look completely out of place in Crouch End. I hope KFC bosses will see reason where Haringey Labour has not.”

Councillor David Winskill (Crouch End) added:

“KFC is ratcheting up a real PR deficit over these ads. It could earn a lot of brownie points by simply cancelling the contract and giving the money saved to the Mayor’s Charity.”