Down with focus groups

I’ve had a bit of a bloggoliday – as you may have noticed from me largely posting speeches etc. – just felt like it. Is that a sin in bloggology? Probably! Anyway – am easing myself back into it.

Follow up on my Question Time appearance last week where Ian Hislop (now famously) gaffed. Ian said in answer to a discussion about what Sarah Palin had done for McCain’s campaign amounted to, something like she brings glamour to the political world where there is none. Now Harriet Harman and I may not be totally gorgeous – but hey – we ain’t that bad! The gaffe was very funny (possibly the best bit of QT) – I thought – and Ian said it had now gone all over You Tube etc. The BBC have even put it on their own site – which I thought was a bit mean!

Upshot of guilty conscience was invitation from Ian to a Private Eye lunch – which I went to yesterday. So – Ian – you are forgiven!

Talking of Sarah’s – what on earth was Mrs Brown doing? I cannot bear spouses being brought on stage at the end of speeches to make their spouses look human and present family values. Having them on at the beginning a la Obama style is even worse. I know it’s the done thing stateside – but I thought full marks to Nick Clegg for not dragging Miriam up on stage after his speech. Yes – come off – have a hug and a kiss – but not the American dream family thing. Maybe it is my bitter and twisted outlook on life – but all that stuff is just so old hat. I know – the focus groups probably say that the people love it! Down with focus groups then.