Take part in my Post Office queues survey

Lynne Featherstone and Cllr Richard Wilson at Crouch End Post OfficeI’ve distributed a survey to every house across the Hornsey & Wood Green constituency asking people to record how long they have to queue at the Post Office.

I want to get a comprehensive assessment of the level of service following the spate of Post Office closures (five serving the area have gone). The findings of the survey will be presented to the Post Office and – if they show unacceptable waiting times – will be a good source of pressure to review the closures.

I’m particularly concerned that not only have five Post Offices gone, but that so far there hasn’t been compensating investment in the remaining ones – not only will people have further to travel, but they could also face long queues as more people are crammed into the same capacity at our remaining Post Offices.

If you haven’t had a survey yourself for some reason (or would like another copy), just get in touch.

0 thoughts on “Take part in my Post Office queues survey

  1. The trouble with Post Offices round my area is first that they are very busy for fairly short periods (often so at the end of a month), and second that very small value transactions sometimes take a very long time. The second of these problems could have been greatly alleviated by suitable innovation, but the management has not been capable of that – I have worked on evaluations for the PO of new technology, only to see the results slip through the fingers of senior managers like a handful of dry sand.I hope that your analysis will (a) track the date and time of each transaction accurately, and (b) collect information about the types of transactions that your respondents are themselves making.