Councillor slams Haringey Council's broken promises on Hornsey parking bays

Residents in Hornsey are still waiting for fading parking bays on Campsbourne Road to be repainted – three months after Haringey Council were asked to complete the job.

The fading lines on the parking bays, which serve homes close to Hornsey High Street, were reported to Labour-run Haringey Council at the end of May, after residents complained that cars parking over the lines were making it difficult for pushchair and wheelchair users to use the pavement. Despite Haringey Council having twice promised to finish the work – after pressure from local Liberal Democrat Councillor Monica Whyte – the work has not been finished.

Cllr Monica Whyte commented:

“Residents on Campsbourne Road have been asking for these parking bays to be repainted for months, but all they have got from Haringey Council are delays, broken promises and a little bit of spray paint.

“As they are doing in other areas, Labour-run Haringey Council are failing to provide a decent service to its residents. It is amazing that, with a poorly completed job adding yet more waste for taxpayers, they can’t even properly complete something so simple as painting some road markings.”