Taking care of our feet

This summer recess I am trying to visit all the sheltered housing and homes for the elderly in my Hornsey & Wood Green constituency. It looks like the visits will spill over into the autumn, but the reason for making such a concentrated set of visits is that I want to reach out to people who often find it hard to come and see me in person to raise their concerns – and to hear at first hand what the issues are that matter the most in their day-to-day lives.

One issue coming up time and time again is foot care. It’s an issue that barely gets a mention in my normal post bag or in the media (even though NHS stories are not exactly rare) – but when getting out and talking to people, it’s clear there’s a massive issue here for so many people, as you can read about in my latest newspaper column.

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  1. We had a motion and debate on the state of NHS podiatry at South Central regional conference last year. Time to move it to the federal level perhaps?