Have your say on party policy…

The Liberal Democrats are currently reviewing our policy on a range of issues which affect women – and the working group has created a group on Facebook to help reach out to a wider audience. As the group says:

Some would ask whether, in the 21st century, it is still necessary to produce policy specifically aimed at women. Why the special treatment? Shouldn’t men have tailored policies too?

As Liberal Democrats, we are rightly concerned at the injustices that women face in our society. During its work, the group will bear in mind the questions above; after all, often when there is inequality for women, men are part of the solution. Focusing solely on one gender won’t work.

Tasked not just with developing policy, but also how it can be communicated to reach out to women, the group plans to produce a report that will be read with interest.

Some of the issues we will look at include:

• Money – pay, pensions, benefits
• Sex – sexual orientation, abuse, maternity
• Relationships – work / life balance, carers, family
• Health & Beauty – body image, health
• Power – representation, fear of crime, Public role models

We would love to read your views, personal experiences and professional expertise on this Facebook page.

0 thoughts on “Have your say on party policy…

  1. I have always been totally against treating anyone of any gender race religion or creed any differently than anyone else.We are all part of the human race, however much we seek to divide ourselves in little camps.Policies towards women have therefore been concerning me for a while, namely because they are wholley discriminatory, albeit under a “positive” headline.Discrimination is wrong, plain and simple. It’s wrong to select a man over a more able women just because he’s a man, and it’s equally as wrong to select a woman over a more able man simply because she is a women. Discrimination is discrimination, however you choose to look at it.To simply reverse a past wrong and declare it a success is the epitome of “two wrongs make a right”.Therefore it is my strongest belief that the only policies we should be looking at are policies of equality. Ensuring that everyone is truly being treated equally, and that when people are singled out it is on merit, and not because of their gender, race, religion or creed.

  2. Anonymous: which is part of why I have joined, to argue that point. And encouraged my (male) fiance to join too.I’ve done big long posts about this on my blog, and I agree with everything you say. But (to be blunt) one’s points are made far more forcefully if one is prepared to stand up and be counted for having them.

  3. I cannot believe how the Liberal Democrat Party is conducting itself. A lot of people I know voted for them and would not touch the Conservative Party with a bargepole, they have all said they will not vote for them again especially with Nick Clegg as the leader. Most people including myself are really worried about the cuts coming up but apart from a few grumbles from the Lib Dems nobody seems to be doing anything about it. Why isnt there a mass walk out of Lib Dems, is it because they are thinking like Nick Clegg. They are now all Tories in my book and have lost every bit of respect I ever had for them.