The Edinburgh Festival

Back yesterday from three days in Edinburgh – a festival virgin! And it was fantastic. I have clearly come to this cultural feast late in life – but enjoyed it hugely. One real bonus – everything was arranged and booked by a friend who has been doing Edinburgh for about 20 years – so knows a thing or two. Without boring you with every detail about what I saw – just to mention one completely brilliant play called Regretrosexual. It’s a love story – basically – but a modern one! If you get a chance – go see it.

One comment, however, is that I am often aware when I go out of London that not everywhere is as diverse as here. But I was shocked by the almost complete absence of non-white folk at the Festival. Why is it so white? Answers please!

And one postscript – or swipe at National Express. The toilet was filthy so I told the staff person who catered our train carriage. She said – it wasn’t her job – catering staff couldn’t touch toilets. Well no – but you would have thought that all staff had a system for reporting any problems. She said use another one anyway. So I did. And as punishment – having soaped up my hands on conclusion of activity – there was no water! But the announcements were all very PC and polite!

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