Exam results

Lynne Featherstone with Inas Himedan, Taimmy Hango and Janet Kanyange outside Greig AcademyPopped into Greig Academy – the school next door my constituency office – just to see how results were going. There were three girls there (Inas Himedan, Taimmy Hango and Janet Kanyange) who had just received their results.

The Deputy Head came out to say hello and overall – congrats definitely to Greig who have hugely improved results.

I always feel hugely sorry for the students now – as each year so much of the media coverage isn’t about celebrating their (and their teachers and families) success – but about knocking the results. Yes – there’s a time and a place for debate over exam standards, but there’s also a time and a place for celebrating success – and someone sitting an exam can only do the exam paper put in front of them.