Rape Crisis centres

I’m one of the signatories on a letter organised by the New Statesman as part of their campaign over the future of the Rape Crisis centres in England and Wales:

The prevalence of sexual violence is, unfortunately, extremely high, with a conservative estimate of at least 80,000 women being raped every year …

The impact of sexual violence is significant and long-term, affecting physical and mental health, ability to work or study, and disruption in intimate relationships. The cost to the state of sexual violence was £8.5 billion in 2003-04, with much of this cost being lost outputs due to long-term health issues …

Rape Crisis centres provide essential holistic services to support women and girls to rebuild their lives in the aftermath of sexual violence, whether their experiences happened recently or in the past. They provide specialist, longterm support, counselling and advocacy in women-only spaces which empower survivors to take back control of their lives.

Yet most women do not have access to a Rape Crisis centre in the UK (Map of Gaps research), and Rape Crisis centres are massively under-funded, resulting in ever-growing waiting lists, staff redundancies and closure of services, with devastating impacts on women who need support.

One in five centres has closed in the last five years, and new research (The Crisis in Rape Crisis), has found that Rape Crisis centres in England and Wales have a combined annual income of just £3.5m; that 79% of grants are for one year or less, and that the majority of women and girls have to wait over 3 months to access this ‘crisis’ provision.

You can read the rest of the letter here.

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  1. I have just read the caustic soda rape case and feel really sicked by this story. What kind of peopledevils have you got living in your Haringay community? It also states that a lack of co-operation by the local community made it difficult to investigate. Are the people in your constituency sub-human? The defendants and their supporters were sniggering when the girl gave evidence. I would suggest that their sentences be reviewed by a higher authority and these guys shouldn’t be let out of prison -ever.