Parking tickets run amok

You couldn’t make this up.

Walk out of my office this afternoon having parked outside on High Street Hornsey for about half an hour – perfectly legitimately. The actual sign is the sort that says you can park between 10am and 4pm for up to one hour and no return within two hours. A ticket on my windscreen. I look at Ed (who is my Head of Office and with me at that moment) and say – why, how? We check the signs – they haven’t changed.

At that point a woman came up to me and said, ‘Thank goodness – you’re the MP aren’t you? The wardens have ticketed all the cars both sides of the road, even though lots of us shopkeepers came out and told him to read the sign and that it is perfectly OK to park here. The wardens read the signs – and ticketed anyway.’

I am dealing with my own ticket as a private citizen (and no – I won’t mention that I am the MP) and no doubt it will be dismissed etc. However, I have written to Haringey’s Chief Executive because I want to ensure that all the cars that were ticketed in High Street Hornsey, between 3 and 4pm on Wednesday 30th July, are rescinded and apologies given.

Outside of the actual issue of writing tickets when none are valid and all the bother and trouble those people have to go to get them written off – there is the issue of Haringey (who are already in trouble over sharp practise on ticketing illegally) having traffic wardens who firstly do not understand the actual signs and parking regulations and secondly that even when a number of shopkeepers (who know the traffic rules outside their own premises) tried to get them to understand that all the cars were quite legally parked – they were totally ignored.

I am looking forward to hearing from Haringey with both assurances that all such tickets issues will be withdrawn, apologies given and what action they propose to take in terms of the wardens who wrote the tickets.

Blimey – it was only last month I wrote the column ‘Don’t let the good guys be the fall guys’. Speaking as a good guy … I rest my case!

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  1. Since too many LAs have rhinocerous hides and tend to charge if provoked, we need a new Esther Rantzen to stand up to them.