Hornsey Hospital update

Well – tomorrow, I will be laying a tile for the ‘topping out’ ceremony for the new health centre on the site of the old Hornsey Hospital. Funnily enough, the Liberal Democrats did a health survey not that long ago to find out what local people wanted in terms of their local health care.

When asked what services they wanted to see in the facility, local residents supported a wide range of health services, including, x-ray services (59%) emergency care (54%) and homeopathic and alternative therapies (26%). Survey responses was received from 1,281 Haringey residents.

As we reach the point where the building is nearly ready – we need to know what is going to go in it. Local residents do not want to see a reduction in number of GPs or mass forced relocations of local practices. But this is only one part of the story. I have been campaigning with local residents for over a decade to get Hornsey Hospital re-opened. To be called a hospital it must have more than basic GP services. Our survey has show there is significant demand for wider services. This is real opportunity; the Heath Trust must act now to engage with local people. It is very clear that local people don’t want Hornsey Central to be just an enormous GP clinic. They want new hospital services brought onto the site.

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  1. Scenario: ancient relative in care home suffering severe pain in hip joint. As she had recently moved there, local doctor not sure what it is, but had tried antibiotics without success. Asks Day Hospital (that used to be a full Cottage Hospital) across the road from Health Centre if they will do an Xray. Hospital says 'No' – presumably because, if the suspected fracture proved true, they would have to keep her in and might have to wait beyond closing time to get her sent off to a general hospital that agrees to admit her. Doctor does deal with me, under which he gives me a letter (sealed) and what amounts to a stores requisition chit for the Xray, and I painfully put her in my car and take her to A&E at the nearest convenient general (outside the doctor's area) where a wonderful lady doctor screws up the chit (can't trade across boundaries) and sets the team on the job in next to no time. Confirms (a) no fracture and (b) infection that the antibiotics that the GP can prescribe will not clear. Longest wait is for the bureaucrats to agree to admit her. Two days later I pick her up, free of pain, from a nearly empty ward. Tough old bird, my Mum.