MPs and money

I wasn’t at the vote on MPs‘ expenses and salaries as I had to be somewhere else. But, as I have said before publicly, I will not vote on my own salary or expenses. I will vote for such things to be decided by an independent body – in just the same way as I have supported the independent pay review for nurses and teachers etc. And when the Government fails to deliver – I stick by what the independent pay board has recommended.

I think the MPs‘ system of pay and expenses is absurd. So – our pay should be set by an independent body. Our expenses – in terms of staff and office – should be set by independent body and administered by House Authorities. And no one should be able to make money out of public money by buying a house on public funds. Of course MPs have to work in both their constituency and in London, and those live too far to commute should have London accommodation – but any capital gain on a property accrued during years of service should return to the state.