Liberal Democrats check out Bounds Green station facelift

Following a night-time visit a year ago to see Bounds Green Tube getting a serious facelift, Lynne Featherstone recently went back to check out the transformed station. This time she was joined by local Liberal Democrat councillor John Oakes as the pair were shown around the station by Mike Challis, the General Manager of the Piccadilly Line.

In April 2007 Lynne Featherstone got a unique chance to see the full range of refurbishment work as she was taken on a midnight tour of the station. The Bounds Green hub has since seen a range of improvements both to its look and its safety, with new CCTV and Help Points. Special effort has also been made to restore the station’s unique 1930s Art Deco features.

Turnpike Lane station has already been refurbished to the same standard and in the summer works will be completed at Highgate Station. Wood Green is also due to be upgraded, with works starting in 2009.

Lynne Featherstone comments:

“I was so impressed last time I visited. Such a huge amount of different jobs all happening at the same time, and in the middle of the night! It really was an amazing effort, and looking at the finished result, it was well worth the wait.

“But we’re not just seeing a new look. I think there’ll be a real improvement in safety with new CCTV and help points. Can’t wait to see the other stations getting the same treatment.”

Cllr John Oakes adds:

“The refurbishment has really shown off a unique piece of architecture, and I’m going to push for it to be listed on the grounds of architectural merit. It really is an excellent example of art deco style, with characteristic tile work and two bronze torches. Marvellous.”