School builders criticised for not protecting trees

Some of the London Borough of Haringey’s oldest and best loved trees are under threat from building work at a Crouch End school say local Liberal Democrats.

Established trees on the site of the Coleridge school expansion have been mistreated by contractors to the extent that one ash tree will be lost and several others have been damaged by heavy machinery. Liberal Democrats are concerned that no tree protection plan was carried out by contractors before work started and have blamed Haringey Council for failing to act sooner to save trees that provide vital character to the area.

Liberal Democrat councillor Bob Hare, after meeting Haringey Council tree specialists, planning officers and developers last week, has been given assurances that work will be carried out to save the rest of the trees on the site.

Liberal Democrat councillor Bob Hare comments:

“The contractor has completely ignored good practice.The only objective has been to get the work done without any regard for the trees or the environment. The borough has some excellent, expert officers, but their advice on conservation and planning and particularly trees, was, for a long while, completely ignored. I’m pleased that the contractor is now responding, but some of the trees on the site may well have been damaged, and we shall be entirely losing a magnificent ash tree.”

Liberal Democrat councillor David Winskill (Crouch End) adds:

“This is a part of Crouch End where the trees are a crucial part of the landscape. Criticism has also got to be directed at the political leadership of Haringey Council, who do not make it clear that in Haringey, good tree and conservation practice must go hand in hand with good building work.”