Hillfield Park 2008 Olympics

Well – it’s the Hillfield Park 2008 Olympics! Hillfield Park’s annual street party is the daddy of street parties. I’ve been going there for – I don’t even know how many years. Such a lot of organisation goes into this event with three teams (red, white and blue) representing the three streets or part streets involved.

Loads and loads of events – from skipping, to a dog obstacle course, to a bike race up Hillfield (and that’s one hell of a hill) to a major tug of war. The children adore it and everyone gets to know their neighbours. In the evening – although I left at around 5.30 they go on to party ’til late. Congrats again to the A team from Hillfield Park.

I am pictured firstly with Harry. Harry lives at No 43 and did not win the dog obstacle course.

But I have seen Harry (not the youngest of dogs) take part every year and in the spirit of the taking part being the important bit (as opposed to winning) I asked to have my photo with him!

Then I met up with Peter Thompson – one of the key organisers and local saint for all he does in Muswell Hill and elsewhere.

I had to unveil a plaque. In reality the wind unveiled it – but it was to remember Viv Stanshall, late of Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band.

Musician, broadcaster, wit and raconteur and troubled genius, Viv was the main singer in the band. The hit most people would remember (if they are my age) is I’m the Urban Spaceman. He lived at No. 21 – but I never knew that until today. Nice to have him remembered!

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  1. awwwwww the only reason I want to contribute to this post is because I want to give that dog a hug, pat on the head and kiss on his head too lol 🙂