The Scouts in Haringey

On Thursday night I went to the AGM of London North Scouts at the Scout Park which is in my constituency – although the group also covers several others.

It is a fine organisation – and this was a timely visit as Haringey Council has decided to withdraw the very paltry support funding it gives them. I am fighting this , particularly as it has been taken away and the Scouts told to get funding from the Youth Opportunities Fund. However, the object behind that fund wasn’t to replace what local support there was – it was meant to be additional.

Anyway – I’ve written to the Council and to the Government. But back to the AGM – the keynote speaker was Terry Grimes of the Clash. Sadly I couldn’t stay for this speech as I had another engagement – but after I spoke he said he would call me as he is part of the Hackney YMCA and wants to chat with me in my role as Youth Spokesperson for the Liberal Democrats.

Imagine though – the Clash – they were so it, back when I remember I briefly had a stall at Camden Lock market. How the years roll by…