New dentist practice in Haringey

Lynne Featherstone and some dentistry equipment!Yesterday saw the opening of a new dental practice – Crystal Dentist Practice – in Durnsford Road. Hurrah! We need more dentists – and yes – it took them two years but they managed to get funding for some NHS work as well as private.

Having consulted with local residents – they realised that there was a huge demand for an NHS dentist locally and decided that they would wait to get the NHS contract and not just go ahead as a private dentist. So – well done!

Dr Ali sat bravely in the very state of the art chair – while I grabbed an instrument! I’m not really a dentist – bet you couldn’t tell.

I’m a great believer in the importance of good design – and the pleasant atmosphere that flows from it. The whole surgery is absolutely beautifully designed with state of the art equipment. So – double well done!

0 thoughts on “New dentist practice in Haringey

  1. After reading about this practice from this website and receiving a leaflet advertising NHS treatment I decided to take up the offer to only find that this practice is ONLY doing PRIVATE WORK- how misleading. Am very disappointed that such a cause has been supported. Walked away without signing up and would not recommend anyone to go there unless you want to be cheated.

  2. Anonymous – very, very sorry to hear that. Very strange though, as they said they’d had to wait two years to get the NHS contract. I will write to them, however, to find out what is going on. I would have given coverage to them even as a private firm – as always happy to help at openings or launches of new businesses in the area – but it was the NHS bit that was the real bonus – as there is such a shortage. It would be helpful if I could have your name so I can let you know what response I get.

  3. Having now made enquiries of Crystal Dentist practise – I am rather sorry that the comment above was not published as it was anonymous and I did, as I promised, make further enquiries and I am satisfied that this comment was unfounded and may well be part of a series of vexatious anonymous complaints about the new dentist practice.