Who says Parliament isn't living in the modern world?

Here’s the official wording used in Parliament today to call the Henley by-election, now confirmed for 26th June:

That Mr. Speaker do issue his Warrant for the Clerk of the Crown to make out a new writ for the electing of a Member to serve in this present Parliament for the County Constituency of Henley in the room of Alexander Boris Johnson, Esquire, who since his election for the said County Constituency has accepted the Office of Steward or Bailiff of her Majesty’s Manor of Northstead in the County of York.

Modern, engaging and de-mystifying don’t you think?

The Liberal Democrat candidate is Stephen Kearney – good luck and have fun Stephen!

0 thoughts on “Who says Parliament isn't living in the modern world?

  1. And why does it matter? I don’t imagine many people sat in tenterhooks waiting for the Henley writ, only to be angered by the archaic language it uses. And I’m sure you’re aware of what the Manor of Northstead is and why it’s used.