Extending Oyster: one person persuaded!

Keith Flett kindly wrote in the local newspaper about my push to get Oyster more widely accepted on train services:

Full marks to Lynne Featherstone, MP for Hornsey and Wood Green, for raising the issue of pay as you go Oyster Card use on rail networks in Haringey. At the moment they can’t be used on the line from Finsbury Park through to Hornsey and beyond, although the train operator First Group seems to be happy for this to take place on its services out of Paddington.

Meanwhile on the other side of the borough, recent changes means that Oyster can be used on services out of Liverpool Street to stations in Hackney which includes Seven Sisters and Tottenham Hale, but not beyond.

How visitors and tourists make sense of this glorious mess one can only wonder.
– Keith Flett, Mitchley Road, N17.

0 thoughts on “Extending Oyster: one person persuaded!

  1. Isn’t it up to the Mayor to deal with this? That is, if he is going to continue with the policy of the previous administration of taking the privatised train companies within the London area zonal system under his control under the umbrella of the ‘London Overground’I understood that Ken Livingstone had been arguing with the train company about getting the oyster cards accepted on this route for a long time and that they had agreed to do this by 2010. Is this correct?However can you, as an MP can put any more pressure on them? Or does it all have to be done through Mayor?

  2. Sadly – FIrst Capital Connect are the block to us getting Oyster at Alexandra Park and Harringay etc.The Mayor (well the last one at least) did bang this drum – but the Train Operating Companies are intransient profiteers who put the passengers last (in my humble view).I will continue to put what pressure I can and also ask my LibDem colleagues on the London Assembly to keep pushing the new Mayor on this.

  3. Thanks Lynne,Please keep up the pressure. If there is one thing that Ken did do well it was to try very hard to incorporate the privatised rail companies who operate within the 6 London Zones to offer Oyster cards and get them included in ‘London Overground’. It is very important to do this, as I am sure you realise. If only the railways had not been privatised in this way. Ah well, life is full of ‘if only’ !!! and we can only deal with what we have at present. Namely Boris and his Conservative cohorts as Mayor, Ugh!